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Foire aux questions

  • Do you take last minute appointments?
    Unfortunetaly, I cannot honor an appointment under 24h advance notice minimum. I live about 35 km from Downtown Montreal. So I cannot accept last-minute requests. I can't rearrange my day because you don't want to plan your day ahead. Planning your time gives us more flexibility to choose the time/date and length of the meeting! Spontaneous and impulsive last minute requests asking things like "Are you available?" "Are you free now?" and beauties like "Hi" ... I won't even answer. Vague messages without a clear request or specific questions do not allow me to follow up either. And non serious email exchange are easy to spot. Sorry man. Proper preparation prevents poor performance.
  • Why are you asking for a cancellation fee?
    I’ve always preferred to treat our time together as something based on collaboration and trust. That’s why I’m one of the few well-established providers that doesn’t require deposits (you don’t like them, I don’t like them). But due to a sharp rise in last-minute cancellations and other tokens of disrespect, I’m forced to have a cancelation policy. I am a low volume provider and I cannot replace a last minute cancellation, trying to find a new appointment last minute. If you cancel a confirmed appointment within 12 hours of the appointed time, there will be a $100 cancelation fee. Since this fee represents compensation for the time I allocated to our meeting, it is not reusable for a future visit. Rest assured, you will always receive a confirmation from me 18-36 hours before our appointment.
  • Do you offer incall?
    I used to have an apartment of my own located on the Plateau near Milton Park on Saint-Laurent Boulevard. However this is not the case anymore and I no longer offer incall service. I offer outcall service to your preferred hotel or motel, in Grand Montreal area.
  • Can you come home?
    I know several companions offer it, I don't. The issue of security is obviously at the center of this decision. Isolation with a stranger in an environment that I do not control is not always safe. But it is not the only reason. When it comes to privacy and discretion, nothing equals a hotel or motel. No curious neighbors, no risk of an unexpected visit, no traces of my presence at your place, etc. It is also better for you and your family that we do not know where you live, which could reveal your identity or make your privacy vulnerable (photos, letters lying around, valuables at reach, etc.) In addition, I sometimes suffer from allergies so I try to avoid visiting residences where dust, pet hair or other allergens accumulate. Obviously, with covid-19 it is even more important to meet in a sanitized place.
  • Are you really 45 years-old?
    Yes! I swear! I know I may look younger, it's only because I take good care of myself and I am petite. So, if you like petites... :o) You won't be disappointed! Best of both worlds: cute and young, but confident and mature!
  • Which services you offer? What are your limitations?
    In general, keep in mind that your mileage may varry (YMMV) no matter what. That said, I offer the GFE full service. Which means I offer LFK, DFK, DATY, BBBJ, HJ, CFS, COB, FJ. However, I do not offer COF, CIM, BBBJTC, GREEK, BBFS. I also don't offer anything that matches the PSE style, and I don't offer BDSM or kink services. When it comes down to shots on goal, it varies. I do consider MSOG as part of what I offer, but it's not a promise, since it depends on may aspects of the meeting (chemistry, libido, time left, foreplay, attitude, etc). From my 15 years of experience in the trade, I find that usually 2 SOG are widely enough for 95% of people I meet. In fact, not a majority can go for a second round anyway. Hence my 2 SOG maximum per meeting, most of the time. It's not a hard rule, again YMMV, but I cannot know in advance how well we are going to fit, feel, desire and perform. I focus on two human beings meetings, and not on a transaction. Both of us count. My service is based on chemistry between us and on the experience of a memorable meeting for you, not on performance or a checklist. I bet on the quality of the service provided, not on the quantity of goals. It is my duty to make this moment an unforgetable moment, and you can count on me to achieve this purpose. Knowing all that, I am not very inclined to anything that has to do with specific fetishists requests for clothing, accessories, makeup or hairstyle. I will always be dressed simply, classy, ​​natural looking and anonymously for discretion. If you have any preferences or restrictions, communicate them when making your appointment request, but don't expect a model wardrobe or fashionista prep. Asking me for anything other than what I offer is like going to a steak house to order sushi. It's not impossible, but it won't be your best experience. You choose me for the compatibility of my service with your wishes, you go elsewhere to find what I do not offer.
  • Can we take a shower together?
    Ah ... the romantic shower tohether isn't it? However, this imaginary movie scene only exists in your imagination. Sorry! There are plenty of reasons why showering together is neither romantic nor exciting for me. First of all, you forget that we, girls, do our makeup, we do our hair, we have activities after seeing you. Getting your hair and face wet in your presence inevitably requires time and hair / makeup equipment after the shower. Less romantic now. Then, in a wide glass shower, the steam, the well-heated bathroom ... ah the nice picture eh! But these showers are not common in hotels / motels / incall. More often than not we find ourselves together in a pink porcelain bath-shower, the curtain sticking to us, or in a modern but narrow shower, where there is always one that is cold, the one not under the shower head. Finally, as a self-employed worker, I do not have access to the protections of the CNESST. A work-related accident in the shower would not only be tragic for my income, it would not be covered at all. And good luck explaining this to your partner if you're the one getting hurt. A shower is slippery, there are very few options to get a grip, Newton's laws and common sense still apply. Positions are limited, using a condom underwater is really meh. I'm not talking about a blowjob, drowning version, watering eyes (and no, it's not because of the emotion of the moment).
  • Do you smoke? Do you drink? Are you 420 friendly?
    Nop, I am not a smoker, and actually, I prefer to kiss non-smokers (I have a sensitive nose). But hey, this is your decision, not mine. So I respect that. If you smoke, we are just going to kiss less. I am a light drinker, my favorites are red and white wine, champagne or prosecco. But I am open to anything, I like to discover. I don't mind if you drink (before or while the appointment), but if you are drunk, this is a no-no. The laws have changed in Canada about cannabis products. For years I was a user, but ironically, I have now quit. Although, I am not against it and I am 420 friendly.
  • What do you like / what do you dislike?
    I like : Politeness, courtesy, humor, intelligence, cleanliness and good hygiene, organized and reliable people, passion, animality, fantasies, delicacy, seduction, nice conversations, massages, great food, good wine, bubbles, music, photography, travels, dogs, philosophy, Netflix, online shopping, culinary experiences, adventure and the unknown. I dislike : Someone who licks my ears or kisses all over my face, intense or brutal DFK, someone who bites my nipples or my clitoris (!), brutality, no-show, time wasters, double-bookers, the smoker smell and breath, multiples fingers in my vagina, anal penetration, the pressure of performance, the long-lasting repetitive penetration, unrealistic expectations inspired by porn.
  • Should I tip you?
    The tip question is quite subjective and personal. My rates are based on my operating costs, my business goals, the quality of my service and the clientele I am targeting. So there is no need to tip me. However, this one is very appreciated because it is a nice surprise which testifies to your level of satisfaction of our meeting! It is therefore with great pleasure and humility that I accept it, but I never expect it. You will get the same service, tip or not.
  • Can you make an exception?
  • Do you see couples?
    During my first years of companionship, I had the chance to experience beautiful moments with couples. I loved providing to couples and I was good at this type of meeting, myself being married and in an open relationship. A meeting with a couple is a different dynamic than a solo or duo meeting with a partner of mine. Serving the threesome dynamic was very important to me, but it requires more communication, more preparation, and more attention. Since a few years, I no longer provide this service, for various personal and operational reasons. Some situations could still be possible, but it will be up to me to see if this is the case, with a regular client who would like it, for example.
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